Healthcare Cloud Computing: An Industry Change

Cloud computing: a buzz word flying out of the mouths of industry leaders. But more than a buzz word, it’s a technological trend. It is a trend that not only needs to be adapted, but embraced by all industries. Especially, the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry is highly regulated by the government. Its procedures and professionals have to work in compliance with it and its standards. Cloud computing would enable healthcare providers to establish a standard record-keeping procedure that will be the same across the entire industry. Well, it’d be the same, except for the differences in cloud computing services.

Probably everybody in the industry knows by now that the government will demand all healthcare providers to migrate patient records and other data to cloud computing by 2015. The data migrated to the cloud will then turn all traditional record-keeping procedures into electronic medical and health records (EMR and EHR). Unsurprisingly, according to an article published in Forbes online, only 4% of the industry is currently using the cloud to access and use all medical data.  Truthfully, change is always difficult, and when it comes with pressure from higher powers, meaning the government, it makes it even harder and stressful. However, the same article also points out that according to a study by MarketsandMarkets, the healthcare computing market is expected to grow to nearly $5.4 billion by 2017.

Clearly, from now until then there will be an increasing demand in EMR services, like ours. Healthcare providers should start looking, if they haven’t already to look for the EMR service providers that match their needs. Plus, converting to EMR services through the cloud will bring many benefits to the healthcare provider using it.


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